Strieper Craft Beer Company

Valkenswaard, stand 16

Strieper Craft Beer Company is opgericht in de zomer van 2016. Het is de enige speciaalbierbrouwerij uit Valkenswaard. Wij zijn full-time met ons vak bezig en verzorgen alle facetten zelf. Van het brouwen tot aan de verkoop.

We brouwen allerlei stijlen bier, zowel traditionele stijlen als nieuwe stijlen. Ons doel is om mensen te laten ervaren hoe veelzijdig bier is. We hebben daarvoor een vast assortiment, dat zijn onze Brewprints. Daarnaast brengen we steeds nieuwe bieren uit in onze Prototype serie. En als derde hebben we een Barreltype serie waarin we bieren laten rijpen in allerlei soorten vaten.

Barreltype No3 Red Wine BA Quadrupel

Barrel Aged, 11.9%

Experimental question: can we make a beer with a smooth black start and a red wine finish? The answer is this lush and layered quadrupel. Aged in a Ducru-Beaucaillou red wine barrel for 13 months. The fruity quadrupel notes balance perfectly with the Merlot tannins. Best served in a beer glass, wine glass or any glass you like.

Prototype No14 Blond

Blond, 6.0%

Experimental question: can we make a beer so sexy, you will instantly forget all the beers you loved before? The answer is this beautifully crafted Delicate Blonde. Playful and alive with flavour, she will never let you down. Subtle, slightly spicy and full of fruity friskiness. Some blondes have all the fun.

Prototype No13 Berliner Weisse

Weizen, 5.3%

Experimental question: can we brew a beer that tastes like a cool summer wine in a Berlin nightclub? The answer is this lively wheat-forward Berliner Weisse with sparkling sauvignon blanc vibes. It’s dry, sour and refreshing with notes of passion fruit. Now raise your hands in the air and say with us: ich bin ein Berliner Weisse!

Prototype No12 New England Double IPA

Dubbel, IPA, 8.0%

Experimental question: can we brew a beer that’s extremely hoppy without being too bitter? The answer is this incredibly juicy New England Double IPA. By adding three different American hops late in the brewing process bright tropical flavors arise with a soft and balanced bitterness. Sweet like the American dream, without Trumpian bitterness.

Prototype No11 English Barleywine

Barley Wine, 10.9%

Experimental question: can we brew the strongest possible English ale while maintaining an extremely subtle and rich taste? The answer is this multi-layered English Barleywine, perfectly balancing between caramel maltiness and biscuity fruitiness. This barleywine is more British than Charles and Camilla combined, and sure looks a lot better.

The Uplifting Triple Decker Flying Apparatus

Tripel, 8.5%

People have always been fascinated by flying. In the early days that was pretty risky business. Today you simply pop open our Belgian Tripel and off you go. We've engineered this beer by taking the traditional Tripel ingredients and tweaking them into a bold flavoured wild ride of taste sensations. Take a sip and find out where our Tripel takes you.

The Incredible Double Zen Boosting Chill Machine

Dubbel, 6.8%

This Belgian Dubbel is our tribute to all the visionaries and pioneers who build and brew stuff that makes the world just a little more awesome every day.

The Amazing Single Hop IPA Idaho Worship Gear

IPA, 6.2%

Idaho is one of the hippest hops of the moment. Named after the US state it was first created in. The bitterness kicks in late and leaves a lot of room for other exciting things to happen. Juicy tropical and stone fruit flavours blend really well with notes of sticky pine and earthy black tea. The single-hop IPA series is our quest in brewing the purest and greatest IPA’s ever. Bow your head to Idaho!